Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is Boudain?

A: Boudain (or boudin) is a Cajun French type of seasoned rice and pork sausage link, popular in the Gulf Coast (Acadiana culture). Boudin is comprised of rice, pork and pork liver stuffed into pork casings, much like a pork sausage link. Boudin is often served with sausage links, hot dogs, Cajun foods and Southern homestyle meals.

Q:What makes DJ's better than the rest?

A: Our boudin is made with our family recipe and time-honored, taste-tested traditions. Our signature use of bright green onions is instantly recognizable , and the flavors are as fresh and seasoned as you'd expect from a proud family recipe. Our ingredients are the highest quality and our standards of look, consistency and taste are packed in every case. Look at the clean shape and color in the package and you'll see the difference when compared to brand x. DJ's was built on making our boudin between the bayous of Louisiana and Texas. We are not some company who just added boudin to our product line; this is what we do! When you buy DJ's, you buy the taste of heritage and pride with every bite from a family company that set out to make the very best boudin then, now, and tomorrow.

Q:Do you ship out of state?

A: Yes! We have orders from all over, beyond our Lone Star State of Texas. We ship to Alaska, Canada, California, New York and all areas in between. We even ship to our friends in Louisiana!

Q:Why do you spell boudin with an "A" in your name?

A: Because the "A" is for "awesome!"" Like our fresh ingredients and one-of-a-kind flavor, we wanted to stand out from the rest. Boudin is spelled, historically, with just the "I" in Lousiana and among other companies. Long ago, we added the "a" to make boudain look a little different and have a closer spelling to the actual pronunciation (boo-dahh). Folks liked it, it stuck and now we even see other places spelling it with the "a" – which we are kinda proud of!

Q:I can't find it in our local grocery store. Where can I get it?

A: DJ's Boudain is available in Southeast Texas, East Texas, Greater Houston and San Antonio markets, and Southwest Louisiana. See Here for our customer service page. If you still can't find it, ask your store manager for DJ's by name. They can get it for you! Or just place an order here.