We love boudain. My kids always request it when we have steaks but my favorite is boudain dressing.

Amanda H.

Their boudain is so good that when we fly home to SE Texas we freeze 10lbs and save room in a suitcase to bring it back to No. CA to share with our friends!

Cheryl S.

Tried so many different one but ALWAYS come back to DJ's. It's the absolute best!

Penny C.

The absolute best!!! The only boudain I buy! Always delish!

Helen H.

The jalapeno was some of the best I've ever eaten. Definitely intend to keep buying it. Other brands just don't compare.

Mark G.

I live in Alaska but was raised on DJ's Boudain I would like to thank Linda and the whole crew at DJ's Boudain for my most recent shipment to Florida I will always recommend you 100% Thanks again my friends. 

Michael D.

Omg!!! The Best Boudain Ever and I have had my share of Boudain !! I keep it in my refrigerator and my freezer !!

Alisa Y.

No boudain is better than DJ's - we have tried a LOT of different kinds from stores and restaurants. DJ's just can't be beat - simply the best!

Pam W.

You guys keep doing what you’re doing... hands down the best boudain on the market. If I can’t buy DJ’s, I don’t buy any.

Amos W.

Shipping price is worth it when you live 1400 miles away.

Ellen B.

Dang now my mouth is watering. Love your products.

Joshua S.

We made [Boudain King Cake Loaves] for a family gathering. Some were from the northeast and unfamiliar with boudain. The loved it!!!! And for a home gown gal, it was delicious!!!!

Roby S.

I made [DJ's Jalapeno Peppers Poppers] and they were a hit! They are amazing! Can't wait to make them again!! Thank you DJ's Boudain!!

Christy D.

DJ’s have a great boudain and we grill it at our tailgate parties!

Chris K.

The only good Boudain out in the market. I only use this brand. Used to buy my meats from DJ’s meat market back in the day.

Peggy M.

If you need the product I highly recommend having it shipped if your not close cause the product is so damn good I have three cases in the freezer now.

Matthew P.