Hard Work Any Time, All the Time

DJ's Boudain has been around for three main reasons: good people, good product, and hard work. We mean, hard work that calls for rolling up your sleeves and setting the bar higher and higher for ourselves. For decades, that's just what we have done and today we make no exceptions.

DJ's team is made up of hard-working individuals who expertly make boudin day in and day out. Our signature look of the bright green onions and good coloring in the packages is a direct, visual reflection of the difference here at DJ's in Beaumont. It's for that reason that our boudain has come so far, now expanding even into new smoked boudain and smoked jalapeno boudain. "It's the pinnacle of what we do," says Pierce Harrington, DJ's executive. "Hard working people and a tremendous product is what attracted me to DJ's in the first place. It starts at the top with Linda Morris and she has set the tone for the rest of our DJ's team. It's rewarding to see all the fun things ahead for us, what we're working towards and everything; to know it stems from hard work in all departments. You can see it AND taste it, literally. When you taste our new smoked product, you know it's not by accident and that a lot of commitment went into making that a fresh, consistent, outstanding bite that you can cook and share with your family. It's what it's all about," he says.

Look for our new products soon...!

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