Smoked Boudain Better Than Ever

DJ's is proud to say that our all new smoked boudin is out now at Market Basket stores and more retailers coming soon. Look for our black label with fire and smoke behind the glowing DJ's logo. This unique look lets you know at a glance that you're in for something special with our authentic-smoked, time-honored and spicy boudin.

This boudain has been in development for quite some time. We've tweaked the recipe, tested it over and over for precise excellent flavor in every bite. The addition of our Smoked JALAPENO boudin is also a crowning achievement for us folks who like an extra kick with roots from the Louisiana bayous. The spicy flavor is definitely a kick, but not too hot to overtake the DJ's flavor you have come to know and love. We are very proud of our team, our chefs, our employees and our methods to make the best boudain we can for the customers we love. We can't wait to see what we cook up next, but for now we are celebrating with barbecue sauce, hot dog buns, crackers and more, and we're geared up for Spring Grilling Season with our all new smoked boudain. And you should be too! Look for our boudain in your favorite grocer and if they don't carry it, ask for it by name!

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