Recipe Ideas with DJ's Boudain

Recipes are endless with boudain from DJ's. We are fortunate that our customers send in recipes and ideas. Creative ones, wild ones, and even the simple-but-sensational recipes show just how versatile our boudain is around foodies. Boudain can be microwaved, steamed or grilled and served with breakfast lunch and dinner. Poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or fried eggs on a dollop of DJ's Rice Dressing or Boudain really makes breakfast the most innovative meal of the day. Boudin is also being served in kolache's and breakfast pizzas in area restaurants.

You can microwave or steam our product for a quick and easy lunch. Heat the Boudain link, place on a bun or tortilla; add a shot of mustard for a little zest. Boudin served with crackers and a salad is another great lunch. Have I told you about the benefits of adding Sriracha hot chili sauce? Mmmm.... Tabasco, Sriracha, or Yellow Mustard – any of these serve as great, delicious wingmen of DJ's Boudain!

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