Boudain Makes Breakfast Better

Get creative with your breakfast with DJ's Boudain. Kolaches have long been the answer for adding boudin to your morning meals, but with DJ's Boudain and Rice Dressing you'll find that versatility is the key word. It's great with biscuits, croissants, and others stuffed in or as a decadent side and compliment. 

It does not end there, though. As savvy DJ's Boudain lovers will tell you, it makes a great addition to eggs. Scrambled eggs - just add a dollop of our rice dressing or a half of a link of our Jalapeno boudain for a spicy egg-cellent breakfast or make a Cajun style omelett that will knock your socks off. Smoked boudain makes a delicious pairing with sausage, eggs, and bacon. Or do a fried egg on a heaping helping of our rice dressing or smoked boudin. A zesty breakfast like the attached is a mix of eggs, cheese and jalapeno smoked boudain with an easy dose of spinach or cilantro. Just wrap it up in your choice of tortilla and top off with Tabasco hot sauce or salsa and make a Tex-Mex meets Cajun delight. You'll love it. Enjoy Boudain from DJ's any time, all the time and every time!

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